*** CIVIC CENTRE *** 4 Bridge Loop

Meeting Location: 
Civic Centre

All runners to meet at Civic Centre at 18:30pm.

Group 6: 18:35pm

Group 5: 18:40pm

Group 4: 18:45pm

Group 3: 18:50pm

Group 2: 18:55pm

Group 0/1:19:00pm





Training Route: 

As the title of the route states, you will be crossing or passing four bridges during this run!

You start at the usual meeting point on Tuesdays, the Civic Centre. You then head towards Newport Castle and cross the bridge, before heading down the riverside path on the eastern side, straight down to the SDR, crossing the bridge there and looping around Blaina Wharf to head back up the riverpath on the western side.

After passing the university buildings, you take the footpath bridge across the river, to trace your steps back up the riverside and across the first bridge back to the start. Approximate route length, just shy of 8km.