Lock Lustre

Meeting Location: 
14 Locks Car Park

All runners to meet at 18:30pm at 14 Locks Car Park.

Please depart promptly at the time stated to ensure that nobody gets left behind

All runners depart at 18:40pm.


Training Route: 

This is the route for our new Lock Lustre challenge on Tuesday. It's a straight out & back, as far as you want to make in a total running time of 50 mins. 
Note: there are no road crossings. Just beware of other pedestrians on the canal, especially if its a nice evening. There's also a couple of trip hazards on the pathway at 14 Locks.

The route starts at the visitors centre in 14 Locks, and simply follows the canal down towards Newport. After running alongside the M4 for a short while, you come to a canal junction, where you will take the left turn up towards Cwmbran, following the canal until you come to a road crossing.

At the road, take a left and head towards Bettws past Newport High School and skirting around the edge of Bettws. Get as far as you can along the route before turning around after 25 minutes, but remember, you need to get back within the same time, so pace it carefully on the way out!