Participate in the GLCL XC races in 2017 (CC)

Meeting Location: 
5 locations in Gwent

Compete in the GLCL XC races in 2017 and get 30 points each time, 150 points if you do all 5. As the races aren't timed you'll also be awarded 7 points in the LPF. Best of all they're free !!! Turn up on the day with your trail shoes and Lliswerry vest, race and at the end you'll be given a place token (just like parkrun). Take this to whoever from your club is recording results and hey presto ! 30 gleaming points for the Championship.

Dates, organisers and locations are as follows :

8th Jan  - Spirit of Monmouth - possibly Kate Humbles farm in Penallt, to be confirmed

5th Feb - Usk Runners - Usk Campus

12th Mar - Chepstow Harriers - Chepstow Leisure Centre

Oct - TBD

Nov - TBD

Cost: Free!

D/TT: Various