Lliswerry Runners Statement

We have been informed by Runners World that through an error in their on-line entry system, our 2017 race has been significantly oversubscribed over & above what we consider to be a safe maximum. This has brought a massive burden of work and stress to the race organising team who have been considering the "least worse" option in the situation. Clearly we could simply cancel all entries and restart the whole process, but this would be unfair to the entrants who successfully applied during the early hours of Thursday morning.

Therefore we have instructed Runners World to return only the last 200 entries and retain all others. This has been possible by us working on ways to increase our maximum entry from 700 to 850.

As soon as we get the revised list of entrants, we will publish them. Once again, on behalf of Lliswerry Runners we regret this has been necessary but as you will see from the Runners World statement below, this matter has been beyond our control.

As you will also appreciate, there is no reserve list and nobody will be able to enter through the "back door" by sending us messages & emails.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.