Cerianne Jenkins

When did you join?: 
What's your favourite running surface?: 
Probably Road, with a mix of XC and trail for fun!
How did you start running?: 
I started mainly as a way to de-stress and to get outside in the fresh air for some Me time. Someone told me about parkrun Newport - a FREE timed 5K every week! I was hooked from the first Saturday I turned up there alone! It switched on my competitive side, me against the clock. Running with people encouraged me to stick at it, I would have probably given up running as another fad by the time winter came along - but instead I got the running bug! and the the friendly Lliswerrians introduced me to a whole new world!
Any message to newcomers?: 
The best thing to do is speak to club members at parkrun - there is always a few about every Saturday! Once you know one or two friendly faces, they will take you under their wing. Try a few training sessions during the week - no obligation to join straight away. There is no pressure to do any racing if thats not your thing. Just run for fun! Try a few different clubs before you decide - I went along to two other clubs that are more local to my home and still felt that Lliswerry was the best for me and I have never regretted that decision!