on... running love

Roses are red, violets are blue, oh come back running, I still love you.

Running was a late love to me, only discovered it as I crashed into my forties. I fancied my chances, and tried my luck one day. To my amazement, it responded and I loved how it felt. Like most runners, it became an infatuation and like most runners, it has given me so much pleasure, though with it comes just a little bit of pain. 

Running has introduced me to some lovely people, and the social side of running is as important as the act itself. I’ve met some great people, and formed bonds to last a lifetime. From time to time, I drop out of the scene, mainly to cope with the frustration of not being active, but I know that there’s a great support network out there.

Running was fun. It gave me fitness, confidence and strength. Something to enjoy, to talk about, something people can relate to. Running becomes part of your identity, it’s hard when you can’t run, because you can lose a bit of that.

Every time that I am injured, I come back stronger. I use the time to learn what went wrong and what I can do to fix it. You can’t cover every eventuality but the more you learn, the more you can look after yourself, better yourself and know just why you need to resist the urge sometimes. You know the one, the “running when you’re injured” urge, or the “running to make yourself injured” urge - running too far too quickly. I sold up all of my races recently, and while I have a few that I fancy doing, nothing is penned into the diary.

Last night, I ended up in a confessional box. Alright, it was at the wonderful “Mary Bijou Cabaret”, so I have my doubts about the authenticity of the Priest. After confessing my sins, I was asked to define a few repentance tasks. One of them was to do something to make myself feel better about me. Without hesitation, I said that I’d go out for a run. The sun is shining, and I’ll get onto that soon enough. Just need to build some new steps down to the chicken house first.

Keep running, keep improving, enjoy yourself and never, never stop having fun.