March Meander

This is our very simple club challenge for March.

The aim:

  • To visit all the areas where our members live
  • To link together & involve as many members as possible

How to take part:

  • The start point will be shared on our Facebook group on Tuesday, March 2nd.
  1. A member living nearby then posts to confirm they will "take the virtual baton" to its next destination (anywhere they fancy, any distance)
  2. They run to the start point & take a picture
  3. Then they run to their chosen finish point & take another photo, posting both on Facebook.
  • Over to a member living nearby the new location who posts to confirm that they will take it to the next destination (repeat step 1, above) ....and so on.

Everyone can take part. You can run or walk. It's up to you how far you go.

Please remember to stay safe & follow Welsh Government guidelines HERE

It's never been done before. So let's rise to the challenge as a club. Remember the aims.