Lliswerry 8 - Volunteers Information

To our wonderful volunteers:

Thanks to you & the 150 or so volunteers, for giving up your time to deliver this race, which is in its 34th consecutive year. 

The Excel spreadsheet identifies all the volunteers, their team leaders, roles & positions on race day.

For reasons of safety, please ensure that you are fully briefed by your team leader & please ask questions if you don't understand anything at all. Above all, we ask for your safety that you wear a Hi Viz tabard to be seen & NEVER turn your back on traffic.

For those in a role outdoors please bring lots of warm, waterproof clothing and don't forget to charge your mobile.

In addition, if any participant appears to be in a life threatening condition, please dial 999 and follow the instructions you have been given at your briefing.

Here is the course map with marshalling locations & post codes: