Welcome To Our New Web Site

Welcome to our new look web site.

We have improved the front page so that it is easier to show club announcements, to provide informaion about sessions & races organised in the coming week and shows multiple photos of what we do.......run & have fun!

The menus have also been restructured so that it is easier & quicker to find information.

For new members, the welcome information and contact details have been simplified.

For existing members the Events Calendar allows our training schedule to be shown day by day plus dates for key races (Club Championship, Cross Countries etc) and social events. The Login & Password facility will be enabled in 2014 & will allow us to provide member only information.

We hope you like the new look. Like everything new, this all takes huge effort to set up & launch so:

Very special thanks to Alun King for setting up, structuring and launch of the new site. Thanks to the committee members who have supplied the content & thanks to Keith James for our new look logo.

Let us know what you think & how we can make this even better!