on... Monty and Mabel (a Christmas tale)

Monty the penguin went to the park
He thought he’d try out this parkrun lark
So sad and lonely at Christmas time
Surely better to get out than head back to the wine

He’d tried a website called “plenty of fish”
Sounded good to Monty as he might find a dish
as well as a bird for Christmas day
But he had no luck, no one to play

The park was busy, with lots of folk
Dressed in outfits, all having a joke
But sadly no penguins, no chance to elope

He waddled about and looked in dismay
At Elfs and Santas straight off the sleigh
Presents, Giraffes, Dogs, all going to waste
none of them suited to Monty’s fine taste

Nine of clock came, and running began
What’s this? A penguin, no it’s clearly a man
Dressed up as Groucho in a Dinner Suit
Smelling surprisingly pleasant – he was not wearing Brut!

Now as things go, and this may sound lame
But you have to make do, and Nick was fair game
They started to run, Monty’s giving it a try
But his heart wasn’t in it, and he felt he might cry

They ran arm in arm, it didn’t feel right
If this was the day, then gawd help the night
But then, just as they reached the top of the lake
There was a noise that made Monty shake...


Monty turned around, what could it be?
A heavenly voice, calling for thee?
Groucho halted, felt like he’d been thumped
In the chest as he was instantly dumped

A beautiful pingwin, by the name of Mabel
Had Monty instantly under her spell
That pretty cute beak, you could instantly tell
Monty was dumbstruck and he nearly fell

They were together forever, no need for words
You know how it is – Black and White with these birds
Anyway, Mabel was panting from running so hard
To catch up with Monty who had a head start

Second time though woods, after the tree there’s a bush
For something happened but I need to keep shush
An immaculate conception, a pardon to beg
As Monty suddenly has to care for an egg!

What wonderful good fortune this morning did bring
Dangerous conditions to carry hatchling
Monty knew if he was careful, he would be just fine
He stopped off to put on an “Egg on Board” sign

The runners were lovely, they gave us wide berth
Some of them laughed, joined in with the mirth
We passed the lake, Mabel wanted to eat
“Plenty of Fish” she said, not very discreet

Monty kept going, not wanting to disclose
His Web Browser history – it may come to blows
If Mabel discovered he’d been viewing lows
on lots of profiles of Penguins wearing not many clothes

The third lap just happened, then egg went a bit dark
It started to shake, and a dog started to bark
Monty and Mabel looked down on the ground
A beautiful baby Penguin, no longer egg-bound

Monty and Mabel were delighted to find
That egg not only could walk but could run just behind
As they proudly paraded on their last lap
To the whoops and cheers, but they fell into his trap

Monty and Mabel heard a faint rumble
They thought that baby might have taken a tumble
But no, Baby Penguin had started to fly
Straight past other runners and into the funnel

So that was a tale of how this parkrun
Lark can change lives, and it’s really great fun
Thank you for listening, and a message from me
Have a Merry Christmas, that’s it – I’m done, really.

Thanks also to the wonderful Trefor Beese for the photos.