The Lliswerry 8 Race Day Info & Course

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Please read the following to give yourself a complete description of the race arrangements.


As in previous years, registration will be at Newport Stadium which is located at Newport International Sports Village, Velodrome Way, Newport NP19 4RA. 

Parking for the race is at Newport Stadium. There is no parking at the start line nor streets nearby as this will cause congestion at the start of the race. Sufficient parking is available at the Stadium, Tennis Centre and Velodrome within the sports village complex.

Please car share where possible to make minimum impact on the environment.

REGISTRATION (Opens 09:00, closes 11:15)

We recommend that you get to registration early (well before 10am) to avoid traffic congestion.

Here you will receive your race number WHICH INCLUDES timing chip.


We strongly recommend that you use the many toilet facilities on the campus (Tennis Centre, Velodrome & Stadium) before walking to the start area as portable facilities are VERY LIMITED.

There is NO ACCESS to the school or GOL buildings. Any attempts to enter these buildings may compromise race arrangements in future years. We are grateful to LLISWERRY HIGH SCHOOL for their support & use of their grounds. 


(Why are we taking a "zero tolerence" hard line this year? This is because we received complaints after the 2019 race & it threatened the future of our great race. Besides which it is unfair to the school children & residents and it is totally unecessary given the facilities on the NISV campus near registration. ) 

The start is approximately 10 mins walk from the car park & registration area. Please allow additional time to get into your correct starting pen. We recommend that you start moving up from the car park at 11:00am as the start area becomes highly congested.

Our smiley marshals will be there to guide you. 

When reaching the school:

Over 8 mins/mile - Use left gate to the back of the school

Under 8 mins/mile - Use right gate to the front of the school

There will be no access through the start line iteself (gates closed).


The course is set within the flat rural edges of Newport, through country lanes. Starting at Lliswerry Secondary School on Nash Road, Newport, there is an approximately 1 mile run out before joining a 6 mile loop.  At the end of the loop, the initial mile is retraced back past the start to the finish. This totals 8 miles.  A lead car will precede the runners to warn traffic. 

The road near the start will be closed briefly during the start but the remainder of the course will be OPEN TO TRAFFIC. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE USE OF HEADPHONES IS NOT PERMITTED (We will disqualify offenders).   Always keep to the left on the course until instructed to do so by a race official in the last mile of the course.

The 2020 route is the same as 2019 (see below):

Drinks Station
There is a drinks station with bottled water at approximately 4 miles. Please discard bottles in the bins provided to the side of the road to avoid them becoming a trip hazard for fellow runners. We will collect these for recycling. Better still, please carry your own reusable bottles.

THE FINISH:​ .................. tea and cake!

The finish line is at a different location from the start and will be marked by a large arch.

Your time will be recorded by the timing mat as you cross this line. You will then enter a tape funnel for 50 feet to enable us to remove your timing chip. PLEASE DO NOT STEP OUT OF THE FUNNEL. 

Drinks will be available at the end of the finish funnel. Close by you will pick up your race T shirt by showing your race number. 

NOTE: We can only supply the T shirt size you ordered on your entry form.

To exit the school campus, please continue walking around the building away from the finish area to avoid conflict with incoming runners. Your route back to the car park includes a road crossing. Please take care as the road will be open to traffic and runners will be finishing the race.

....& PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't cool down on the course. The roads are narrow and you could endanger finishing runners.

Tea and cake is available back at the Newport Stadium where you registered.

The Lliswerry Bakers have been hard at it to raise money for this year's chosen charity Alzheimer's Research UK in support of Lliswerry member, Karen Penny who has started her four year, 20,000 mile trek around the coastline of the UK and Ireland.

The AWARDS – approximately 13h30

Prizes will be presented at Race HQ where you registered.

We will be awarding prizes for the following categories so stick around – you may be a winner!


1st, 2nd & 3rd finishers, plus first in age categories:  Senior, V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65, V70

Men's Teams: 1st Running Club Team (4 finishers)


1st, 2nd & 3rd finishers, plus first in age categories:  Senior, V35, V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65

Ladies Teams: 1st Running Club Team (4 finishers)

Prizes for each age category will be awarded to runners registered in that specific category. ie Vet 45 prize is open to all those between 45 & 49, Vet 50 to those between 50 and 54 etc. It is therefore possible that the 1st, 2nd & 3rd finishers and members of the winning teams may receive 2 prizes (1st finisher certainly will!)

Be cool, be happy, be safe & enjoy!