About Lliswerry Runners

Lliswerry at the Rogerstone XC, 1st December.

New Members Overview

Lliswerry Runners is a club known throughout South Wales for its friendliness and welcome to new members. We are a club which has been accredited by Newport City Council for our high standards of safety and training structure. This is provided by a team of UK Athletics Qualified coaches and Leaders.

Every week we organise structured training sessions to help everyone improve. These are most beneficial for anyone able to complete a continuous 5k run. To get novices up & running to this standard we provide help and advice and recommend the weekly Saturday parkrun which the club co-organises. As additional help, we have created some Tips & Hints to get started (see below).

Tips & Hints

If you are anything like us when we started running, you will feel a little self concious. Don't worry!
Here's some helpful advice to get you going:

1. Buy some decent running shoes - try lots of different pairs, walk up & down in the shop, take your time chosing

2. Run with a friend or join a club...it's much easier

3. Set yourself a target. Even better if it is a race (e.g. Race for Life. Cardiff 10k) - this will give you the motivation to keep going

4. Before you go out running do some gentle leg stretches, particularly the backs of your legs

5. When you begin running, start off at a very easy pace. If you are getting out of breath you are probably trying to run too quickly. Slow down or try walking a few steps in between short runs (alternate 5 minutes run, 5 minutes walk..)

6. Have a gentle stretch when you finish

7. Choose a favourite route, try to avoid crosing roads & time yourself. Record the times

8. Now you're on your way. You will be amazed how quickly you can improve!

Reasons to Join Lliswerry Runners

1. Train in company & safety

We are one of the largest, and fastest growing clubs in South Wales, so in Lliswerry you'll always find someone your speed, and plenty of people to run with, every day of the week. It’s much easier & more fun to run with company (don't think you're too slow....you're not!).

2. Discounts on kit

Thanks to our good partnerships with various stores, we are able to offer 10% from local sports shops and some online stores.

3. Obtain Advice

With a large number of experienced runners, we can offer a huge amount of information on training and advice when dealing with injuries. Some of our members are also qualified in sports science subjects, or practice sports massage, so itas easy to find someone who can help you out if you are hurt.

4. Race Information

We always have information on the latest races going on, and as one person once said to me, "there's always a Lliswerry vest at a race". We've even show up in races in America! So you can join knowing we'll keep you informed on the local races, and you'll often have company at them too!

5. Free Entry Into Local Leisure Centre Races

The local Gwent Leasure Centre League has been running for a number of years now, and the club has been providing free entry into it for all members, regardless of speed. It continues to be a club favourite throughout the summer.

6. London Marathon Entries

  • Due to the growing numbers in the club, we hold a ballot once a year offering 3 (sometimes more) entries into the London marathon - better odds than the ballot entry!

7. Entry Into Team Events

Every year, the club pays for and enters teams into the Welsh Castles Relay and Rack Raid Relay. This year we are also entering the Cotswold Way Relay due to our extra numbers! Club members can apply to run any of these and we will create one or more teams from the people available.

8. Cross Country

Alongside the Gwent Leasure Centre League road races, there is also a autumn/winter XC series, for those who don't like clean running gear! Again, this is paid for by the club. For the members wanting a bigger challenge, there is also the Gwent League run through the winter, in venues across South Wales and South West England (Bristol & Bath area)

9. Social Events

Being such a big club, it's inevitable that the club has lots going on. Alongside the weekly meets post-training in the cricket club on Wednesdays, we often have weekends away to big running events, such as the Thunder Run. On top of this there is also our Annual Awards Dinner, traditionally held the Friday before the famous Lliswerry 8 road race.


How to Contact Us

We welcome new members to come down anytime to our training sessions, which are free of charge.

Either call us in advance, Julia & I can be contacted on 01633 422998 or Paul (our Club Secretary) is on 01633 452463 or just turn up to a session. We would be happy to answer any questions. Alternatively visit us on Facebook or Twitter & get chatting to our members.

Most people run with us for a few sessions and get to know other members then join as a club member. This is £35 for the whole year. Chris G does all the paperwork (with a smile). There are no other charges.

We welcome runners of all standards, because we are runners of all standards. So there's always someone to keep you company. No one gets left behind!

A lot of new members tell us that they always thought they were too slow to join a club........not Lliswerry Runners!

We look forward to seeing you.

Our Committee

Chris Davies: Chairman and Head Coach


Chris Gentle: Vice Chairman


Paul Day: Secretary

Stephanie Rhodes: Treasurer


 Ceri Donovan: Membership Secretary



Ruth Ovey: Welfare Officer


Martyn Jones: Welfare Officer

Meet Our Members

Some of our members have uploaded a picture and some information about themselves, and how they got into running. Have a read and you might be suprised to see what their reasons for starting were! Meet our members