Marina Wright's championship scores for 2016

LPF Calculation

Best Newport Parkrun / Equivalent 5K time22:39

Event Details

EventDistanceTimeClub PositionLPF PointsChampionship Points
Any Marathon in 2016 (CC)26.2 miles3:35:241017.750
Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon 2016 (CC)13.1 miles1:40:141057.246
Kymin Dash 2016 (CC)7 miles0:55:421037.148
Porthkerry 5 MT 2016 (CC)5 miles0:40:191047.147
Caerphilly 10K 2016 (CC)10 km0:45:011056.946
Tintern Trot 2016 (CC)6 miles0:57:021036.648
Murder Mile (CC)-----
Crooked Mile (CC)-----
Wentwood Woodlark (CC)8 miles1:22:301036.948
Lloyds Bank Cardiff Half Marathon (CC) 13.1 miles1:41:441097.142
Richard Burton 10k (CC)10 km0:47:181066.645
Your Fastest Tredegar House Parkrun in December (CC)5 km0:22:591096.842
Total (top 6)43.1287.0

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