Lliswerry Lockdown Relay 20th-26th April

This is a fun training event (not a race) which is to bring the club together (virtually) with participation as the aim.

It is intended to connect start & end points near to the homes of the participants who decide which route to take between them. Complying with COVID-19 instructions currently in force from the UK Government, participants MUST observe Social Distancing & there is no baton or handover.

Please DO NOT meet up with club mates and keep clear of and anticipate any areas of congestion. There may be queues at supermarkets, people walking along narrow pathways, people waiting outside doctors surgeries or pharmacies etc 

As we’ve suggested in our instructions, be prepared to alter your route if you see anyone ahead & take care if you need to cross a road. Always be prepared to stop.

Hot weather precautions - please make sure you are properly hydrated before you run and take water with you. It's ok to walk, to shorten your route or even not to participate. Your health & safety is priority. 

COVID -19 general instructions from the Welsh Government when applied to running (at any time in the current virus outbreak): Exercising in groups is not allowed. Ensure strict social distancing by avoiding areas with large numbers of people, only run with members of your own household, maintain a minimum 2m distance from other pedestrians (who are not members of your household), refrain from touching your mouth, nose or eyes until after you have washed your hands. Wash your hands as soon as you can following your run.  

Stay safe & enjoy!

Please see our UPDATED Risk Assessment & read the instructions below before participating.

Massive thanks to our relay team Leaders who have planned & co-ordinated this amazing club relay:

Day 1 (Monday 20th April) - Civic Centre to Tredegar House (Leader - Emma Wookey)

Day 2 (Tuesday 21st April) - Tredegar House to 14 Locks (Leader - Gavin Perkins)

Day 3 (Wednesday 22nd April) - 14 Locks to Bettws School (Leader - John Maloney)

Day 4 (Thursday 23rd April) - Bettws School to  St Julian's Inn (Leader - Louise Muteham)

Day 5 (Friday 24th April) - St Julian's Inn to Toby Carvery (Leader - Liz Mounfield)

Day 6 (Saturday 25th April) - Toby Carvery to Magor Square (Leader - Nick Davies)

Day 6 (Saturday 25th April) - Cardiff Loop (Leader - Laud Lauder)

Day 7 (Sunday 26th April) - Magor Square to NISV (Leader - Chris Davies)

If you have any questions please contact chair.lliswerry@gmail.com